Guide To Play Corner Kick Betting From A-Z

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Guide To Play Corner Kick Betting From A-Z

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Not only Asian handicap or Over/Under betting, but corner kick betting is also attracting a large number of players. With simple concepts, easy placement, and numerous attractive options, this deserves to be a type of bet that newcomers should try. However, grasp the knowledge before experiencing the daily football tips below from Wintips.

Basic understanding of corner kick betting
Although not as prominent as the three commonly seen types of bets - Asian handicap, European handicap, and Over/Under, corner kick betting always has its own place. This form of betting is called Corner in English.
This term describes the act of betting literally on the number of corner kicks in a football match. There are many options; you can bet on the exact number of corner kicks or predict whether there will be more or fewer corner kicks than a number set by the bookmaker, and so on.
In which, a corner kick is the process when the ball goes out of bounds on the sides after touching a player from the attacking team. This is a difficult event to predict, full of surprises, thus providing excitement when betting.
This type of betting is becoming more popular because corner kicks are not dependent on goals scored and the final result. This means that the number of goals scored in the match and the final result are completely unrelated. Therefore, you don't need to calculate the score too much.
Common types of corner kick bets
As mentioned above, there are many types of corner kicks for you to choose from, and here are all the types of bets:
First/last corner kick bet
These are the two simplest and easiest to understand types of bets because they are based on predicting which team will be awarded the first corner kick. Similarly, predicting the team that will take the last corner kick of the match will also result in a win.
Next corner kick bet
Considered a more advanced form of corner kick betting compared to the two types of bets above. Specifically, you will predict the occurrence of a corner kick after any corner kick situation provided by the bookmaker.
No corner kick bet
No corner kick is a rare occurrence in football, so this type of bet is highly challenging. However, this type of bet has a very high winning rate and provides the most interesting experiences among corner kick bets.
Odd/even bet
This bet is quite easy to place because you only need to choose whether the number of corner kicks in the entire match or in a half is odd or even. The winning chance in this bet is around 50%, evenly divided between two cases.
Corner kick Over/Under bet
Similar to the regular Over/Under betting, the corner kick Over/Under bet is where players choose to bet higher or lower than the number of corner kicks set by the bookmaker. Similar to the odd/even type, the winning odds in this type are quite high. Players can bet on either the first half or the entire match. If you want to win big, you can bet on both options, but you need to analyze each development carefully.
First 10 minutes corner bet
This is a relatively new type of bet in the Vietnamese market but is widely loved by players worldwide. Here, you can bet on whether there will be more or fewer than a certain number of corner kicks within the specific time range from 00:00 to 09:59 in a specific match.
Handicap betting
This form applies corner kick handicaps to a team. This means that some corner kicks will be removed or added to the total after the match, depending on how you place your bet. For example, a +2 handicap will add 2 corner kicks to the team that is handicapped to the actual number.

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Effective Corner Betting Tips
To succeed in this form of betting, players need to employ several effective strategies alongside common knowledge. It primarily relies on the following information:
Team tactics and playing style
One of the best ways to start with this type of betting is to understand how teams apply tactics. You need to analyze whether their playing style is geared towards creating more corner kicks during the match or not.
Typically, the favored team will enjoy many corner kicks in a match. This is because they have the advantage on the field and spend more time in the opponent's half.
Observing wing players
Another useful tip is to look for teams with two wide players. Nowadays, wing players are quite rare, especially those who use their dominant foot on the wing.
The reason this is important is that they won't cut inside and will instead look to cross or pass directly from the wing. Therefore, the chances of the ball hitting an opponent and resulting in a corner kick are quite high.
Utilizing corner kick statistics
Tracking corner kick statistics in at least the last 5 matches is something players should do. This will reflect the average number of corner kicks the team has obtained. From there, players can predict relative statistics in the upcoming match.

The above is all the most useful and detailed knowledge betting tips app about corner kick betting from Wintips. Read carefully to become an expert in this type of betting. Don't forget to follow us for more in-depth knowledge about other forms of betting.

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